Chris Cornell; what happened?

Lately I’ve been listening to Audioslave; I enjoy their songs, their lyrics and specially, I can’t get enough of Chris Cornell’s voice and Tom Morello’s guitar solos.   I have been downloading all of their albums and also I got some songs from Soundgarden – Black hole sun – brings memories  of my younger years in highschool, where everything was a possibility…. Anyway, because I am obsessive compulsive, I went and downloaded all of Chris Cornell’s albums (I’m subscribed to Rhapsody; don’t worry,  I didn’t go bankrupt) and ran into some interesting things, like a solo album he did after Soundgarden and before forming Audioslave.

I also ran into an atrocity called “Scream” – I really wanted to scream too!  This beauty was released in 2009 and it was produced by Timbaland…. I guess that says it all.  I tried not to be judgmental at the beginning, and I started to  listen to “Scream”.  The opening track is called “Part of me” which has the following lyrics;

That bitch ain’t a part of me
No, that bitch ain’t a part of me
I said no, that bitch ain’t a part of me
No, that bitch ain’t a part of me
I said no, that bitch ain’t a part of me
No, that bitch ain’t a part of me
I said no, that bitch ain’t a part of me
No, that bitch ain’t a part of-part of-part of me”

I guess I wouldn’t mind (that much) this song if it was by another artist, but Chris Cornell has a huge repertoire of songs.  Songs with great content, almost poetry; that touches your soul and makes you want to cry – I might be exaggerating a little bit, non the less, great songs with lyrics  like;

“on a cobweb afternoon
in a room full of emptiness
by a freeway i confess
i was lost in the pages
of a book full of death”


“In the afterbirth
On the quiet earth
Let this things remind you
You thought you made a man
You better think again
Before my role defines you”

I could keep going on and on with this beautiful lyrics… I guess my problem is that I don’t understand why is he singing about some bitch that is not even a part of him…who cares? that bitch doesn’t deserve that song anyway.   Chris Cornell, please think of all your fans that you have out there.  The fans like me, who like to sing with you in the middle of traffic without caring if someone else is looking at them.  Please go back to what you do best and leave that Timbaland for some 15-year-old “singer”

I leave you guys with this song, I am the highway, my favorite from Audioslave. – Concert version, even better


2 responses

  1. Lindsay

    Sometimes every eloquent person needs a good scream and several explatives strung together in a row….like now….I could use a good “Bitch, PLEASE!” Right this moment, on my bus ride home from work.

    August 18, 2010 at 9:03 pm

    • hahahahhaah Lindsay, I guess you can find some comfort in singing about a bitch hahah

      August 18, 2010 at 9:24 pm

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