Song Beneath the Song

Some songs have the ability to lift your spirits and to change your mood.  To me that is the real value of music, when a song makes you happy or helps you get through rough times…  When you find a song that does that for you,  you keep it with you for a long time.  One song that is very close to my heart,  is  “Song Beneath the Song” by Maria Taylor.  Every time I listen to this song, my mood changes completely and I feel at peace with myself.  The sun is brighter, the air is more pure and everything around me is just perfect.  This song is my musical yoga and Maria’s voice and the song’s melody are simply beautiful.  – Namaste!

I heard this song for the first time when I was a fan of Grey’s Anatomy – it was on one of the early episodes –  before the story line became so ridiculous that I just couldn’t  watch the show anymore.  Anyway,  “Song Beneath the Song” is found on Maria’s first album 11:11, released in 2005.  This is a great album but my problem with her is that none of her songs are as good as “Song Beneath the Song” and I can’t help feeling disappointed every time I listen to  her other albums. 

Maria is an artist from Birmingham, Alabama.  She has contributed her vocals to Bright Eyes, Joshua Radin, Moby and Crooked Finger.  As a matter of fact you can hear Conor Oberst’s – from Bright Eyes, singing in “Song Beneath the Song”.  Maria’s songs have reached many TV shows including Bones, Grey’s Anatomy, Greek, One Tree Hill and Scrubs.



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