The Lollapalooza Series – Archade Fire and Matt and Kim

Arcade Fire was one of the groups that played at the Lollapalooza festival.  This indie rock band from Canada just released their new album “Suburbs” and even though I’m not a big fan, I think this album is great.  To me, Arcade fire is one of those groups I can only listen to once in a while, but Suburbs has great tracks and I’m really enjoying it.  One of my favorite songs is “Ready to Start”

Matt and Kim was another group that was at the festival. Matt and Kim are a dance-punk duo from Brooklyn.  I really haven’t heard much of their music. “Daylight” from their second album “Grant” (2009), is a fun song to listen to and I love it!  I must say though that the video makes me a bit claustrophobic.



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