A sucker for you Sound

I must confess that this week I’ve had a hard time writing this blog.  I haven’t been inspired to write and I worry  that my obsessive compulsive behavior is pushing me into new obsessions.  – The idea of star running again is being around my head for a while.  I am aware that my problem is that I get very excited about something and few moths later I get exited about something else and move on.  My house is full of unfinished paintings, scarfs, toys,  etc.    When I started this blog, my goal was to write at least for a year – until my next birthday.  I guess I want  to prove to myself that an obsession can be transformed into a long-term hobby.

Moving on, one of my first post was about a group called I Monster.  Their song “Hey Mrs” is fantastic and it was one of the songs that inspired me to start this project.  This week, I decided to go back to my source of inspiration and downloaded their latest album A Dense Swarm of Ancient Stars.   Every time I listen to I Monster I get surprised of how innovative and creative they are; they must be the coolest people on earth.  Their sound is unique and even their songs are very different from one another.  My favorite song from their new album is  “A sucker for your sound” . 



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