Un pacto

For the longest time, one of my favorite latin songs was from a mix a friend gave me a couple of years ago.  I listened to “Track 5” over and over for months. Eventually I got tired of it, the CD got lost, as well as, the copy I had in my computer. Years later the song popped in my head and I had to google it to find its name and author. “Un Pacto” is a song by an argentine group called Bersuit Vergarabat.  I never liked this group and I couldn’t believe they had made such beautiful love song.   At that time, they were known for their hard rock, political music and that is definitely not my cup of tea.   – I don’t like political or environmentalist music.

Because of that song, I put aside my feelings towards the group and decided to give them another chance. I bought De la Cabeza; a live album released in 2002. This is a great record to have, of course I always skip the hard political rock songs, but other than that, De la Cabeza has amazing songs. “Vuelos” is another fantastic song from this album, this song is in the soundtrack of the movie Garage Olimpo (1999)

Garage Olimpo “…is about a young politically active Argentine woman who is kidnapped by the military during Argentina’s Dirty war in the late 1970s. She is taken to a torture center called Garage Olimpo in the middle of Buenos Aires.”1  In the album, La Bersuit dedicates the song to the mothers and grandmothers of the people that never came back.

In 2005,  Bersuit Vergarabat released the album Testosterona and in September of 2006 the single  “Esperando el Impacto” was released.  This song was number one on music charts in Argentina and Latin America.  This is a great song!




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