Pete Yorn in DC

I have had the hardest time writing this post.   I guess I was thinking too much about this article and it was becoming more complicated  than what it should be.  Sometimes you want to sound more philosophical than what you really are.  Hopefully I’m not suffering from writer’s block.

Last week I went to Pete Yorn’s concert in DC.  He did a 7-day mini-tour  to promote his new self-titled  album, released on september 28th, 2010.  As some of you might know, Pete Yorn is one of my favorite artists.  I like him so much, that this is the third time I write about him on my blog.  I find his music fascinating, his songs are powerful and subtlety ironic.  For instance, Lose You, one of my favorite songs,  is a beautiful ballad.   I always thought that this song was about a man worried about losing his loved one.  I had to google the lyrics to find out that this song, is about a guy who is tired of his relationship and wants out.  I guess what I’m trying to say here is that in his songs, the lyrics and the melody not always go together, and that is what I like the most about his music.  When I found out that he was coming to DC I didn’t hesitate for one second and got the tickets right away. 

The concert was fantastic.  His current touring band consists of 3 members who played drums, bass guitar and electric guitar.  The sound was great and his voice sounded really good;  I could say they sounded very close to a studio recording.  They played songs from his new and previous albums; my favorites were For Nancy ‘cos it already isLose Your, Life on a Chain and Rock Crowd.  As always I sang as loud as I could, which raised some eyebrows.  I know I don’t have a nice voice, many people  have asked me several times,  to stop singing, but in my mind I don’t sound as bad as they say I do.  I like sing my heart out in every concert I go to and nobody is going to stop my ugly voice from coming out….
Going back to the concert, we had a great time and I accomplished one of my life’s goals;  to go to a concert at least once a year.   (I try to keep my life’s goals simple and achievable)

Pete Yorn’s new album is petty good, it definitely has a stronger, hard rock sound than his previous releases.  There are a couple of songs I don’t like much, but for the most part, this is a great album to have.

These were my favorite songs at the concert,  I can believe I finally wrote this post!!



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