Music for Anger Management

This post contains explicit content, children may read under adult supervision.

One of my friends inspired me to write this blog;  she has had a very hard time working with a certain person and has being frustrated to a while.  I think we all have felt that way at some point in our lives.  There are people you just don’t get along with,  and the worse part is that it is impossible to cut them out of your life.  They work with you,  you have to see them day after day and most of the time there is nothing you can do about it.  It is funny how an office environment works; you have to interact and build relationships with strangers whose sometimes don’t have anything in common with you.  You spend more time with your co-workers than with your own family.  Sometimes this is great; I have met wonderful people at my work, but sometimes that certain person can make everything a living hell.  I would say that most people I know, have changed their jobs due personality conflicts, and not because of the job itself.  This proves my theory; life is all about relationships.

So how do you deal with that person you can’t stand?  The easiest thing to do is to ignore them; avoid being in the same place with them, avoid eye contact, even walk away when you see them in the hallway, and problem solved.  Avoid confrontation if it’s not necessary because most of the time, those people aren’t as bad as you think.   The real problem comes when you have to work directly with that person and there is nothing you can do about it.  How do you control your anger and frustration? There are different tricks I have discovered over time;

  1. Detach yourself from the situation and repeat to yourself  ” this differences are only about work.” 
  2. Create your own mantra, repeat it several times and follow with breathing exercises:  A mantra is a phrase you can repeat to yourself to calm, encourage or motivate you.  My favorites are “serenity now” (From Seinfeld) and “be patient, be patient”.
  3. Go for a “smoke break”  Even if you don’t smoke, get out of the office for 5 min.
  4. Eat chocolate or have a glass of wine – after work.
  5. Talk to someone who knows this person and feels exactly the same way you do.  The last thing you need is someone objective who keeps things in perspective.  You need a support system and you need to vent.  You need to feel that someone understands you.
  6. Listen to music!  This is my favorite strategy, There are some songs I listen to when ever I’m upset.  These songs help me rebalance my energy, get rid of negative thoughts and feel calm and happy again.  I guess everyone has their special “Angry Song”, but for me, these are the songs that I keep handy on my Ipod.

Blankest Year, Nada Surf:  What I like most about this song is the message:  I’m having a hard time but I’m going to forget about it and enjoy life!  “Ah F*** it! I’m gonna have a party!”  It gives a positive spin to your anger.

Uprising, Muse:  This is a great song, I don’t need to be angry to listen to Muse.  But Uprising gives me hope, I feel that Muse is feeling the same way I do and that  they support me.

Numb, Linkin Park and Last Resort, Papa Roach: Great “Angry Songs” sometimes you just need to scream and sing very loud to be calm again.

I asked my friend what was her favorite “Angry Song”; she likes to listen to Killing in the Name by Rage Against the Machine.  

Serenity now and enjoy,


3 responses

  1. Pilar Rivera

    Helen I totally agree with your post today, I’m going to start taking a smoke break, and continue eating chocolate. Muse helps me too.

    October 13, 2010 at 2:34 pm

    • jajajaa Si Pili, lo que sea para pasar el mal rato!

      October 14, 2010 at 7:13 am

  2. Rob

    Rage Against the Machine makes the best angry music. Killing in the Name is definitely a favorite.

    Keep up the posts.

    October 30, 2010 at 7:23 am

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