“There’s just no mercy in your eyes
There ain’t no time to set things right
And I’m afraid I’ve lost the fight
I’m just a painful reminder
Another day you leave behind”

This song by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club popped in my head as Dr Taylor, my lovely dentist, was filling the first cavity I had in 32 years.  Do you really need 3 injections of anesthesia to fill one cavity?  Maybe, the only thing I know is that it was a painful experience and  I’m glad I  was able to  avoid it all this time.  I was so stressed out that my hands were shaking and I couldn’t calm down afterwards. Having half of my mouth numb for 2 hours didn’t help either…. I couldn’t sleep that night.  I know that everyone hates going to the dentist, but this experience was very traumatic for me, I can’t imagine what would happened if I need to get a root canal done. 

Anyway, Mercyis a fantastic song.  I recently discovered it when I downloaded BRMC’s  “Howl Sessions”.  This six-song EP, released in 2006, features songs written for the album “Howl” (2005) that at the end, were not included.  The songs in  “Howl Sessions” have  blues, country and gospel influences and are definitely a departure from the previous releases of the band. 

I hope my experience with Dr Taylor didn’t taint this beautiful song for me 



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