Sinfonia Agridulce

Since I came back from vacation I’ve been searching for new music that I can enjoy while I’m at work.  After all the reggaeton I had to listen to in Colombia, a detox from this genre was needed. I was surprise to see how reggaeton took over my country.  According to my calculations, at least 80% of the radio stations over there, play reggaeton day and night.  Even though I don’t hate it, it is hard to listen to it over and over. After a while all the songs start to sound the same and combine into a really long song that never ends.   It only gets interrupted by the 20-year old commercial of a kid ( who by now is probably 40 years old) singing about Christmas.  After a while, the music just becomes the background of your daily life and after a couple of weeks it is really hard to take. I remember that by the end of the trip my brother played a Modest Mouse CD and it sounded like heaven!

Anyway, as I was saying, I came back in search for new music that would help me get over my reggaeton overdose.  I have developed the tendency to listen to music while I design; it helps me to focus, relax and disconnect from the craziness that some days goes around the office.  Throughout the years, the beginning of a design has become like a ritual to me.  Before the first lines, I must gather all the supplies I’m going to use such as pens, tracing paper, scale, makers, rulers etc.  I go around the office searching for these special items that strangely disappear once I’m done with the project.  Once I have all the things I need around my table, I select a playlist I like and hit play.  That is the only way my ideas start to flow.

Yesterday, for some strange reason, the music wasn’t, right. I was having a hard time focusing until I ran into “Sinfonia Agridulce”.  It is not easy to run into a song that would make you smile and this song not only made me smile, it made me laugh really hard. “Sinfonia Agridulce” is a cover, in Spanish, of the song “Bittersweet Symphony” by The Verb.  The cover, is by a group called Mexican Institute of Sound.   Mexican Institute of Sound  “is an electronic music project created by Mexico City-based DJ and producer Camilo Lara. By day, Lara is the president of EMI Mexico and at night he is the mastermind of M.I.S.  Along with groups like Nortec Collective and Kinky, M.I.S. is part of a growing Mexican electronica movement, encouraging fusions of folk and more traditional music with modern sounds”1

“Sinfonia Agridulce”  is a great cover because in my mind it has something I like to call the “The Bulldog Effect”.  Bulldogs explain something that I have discovered lately.  There are things in life that are so bad, or so ugly that at the end, you can’t help but seeing them as beautiful and pretty.  Bulldogs  are so ugly that they have become the cutest thing on earth.  The same way this song is so bad that, at the end, it is fantastic.  The vocals are terrible, the melody is the same but they introduce trumpets and instruments typical of a mexican Banda bringing images of a tacky piñata party.  The lyrics are also very funny.  At the end when you mix all these ingredients that by themselves are terrible, what you get is a great song that I think is it better than the original version.




2 responses

  1. Meme

    jajajajajajaja.. está muy chistosa este video!! Muy mexicana definitivamente!!!

    Sigue en tu proceso de desintoxicación del Reggaeton, mientras aca lo seguimos cantando y bailando. A nuestro favor, debo decir que hay todavía emisoras que ponen música diferente, como la X o Vibra Bogotá. Sin embargo, siempre es bueno por eso andar con Ipod. Sin embargo, cuando de rumba se trata, prefiero mil veces tandas infinitas de reggaeton en vez de techno o electrónica…
    Por eso creo que entre más viejos, más vamos a Andrés a rumbear… nada como la salsa, merengue, porro, cumbia y viejos ritmos tropicales, cosas que ya rara vez suenan en bares juveniles.

    Un abrazo!

    January 13, 2011 at 10:01 am

  2. Pilar Rivera

    que chistoso Elen, como supiste de esta cancion? La disfrute, pero me quedo con la original.

    January 14, 2011 at 7:49 pm

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