World Spins Madly On

It is amazing how the way we listen to music has changed throughout the years. I still remember, when I was young, how exciting it was to go to the store to buy Cassettes, and CDs. I remember I was always writing down the albums I wanted to buy, and when I had the money saved to do it, I would go the record store to listen to the first 10 sec of each song (that was the set up the record stores had in Colombia) and make a guess of the best album to buy. It was always a gamble! Sometimes you would go home to discover that what you had bought was a total piece of cr**. But sometimes, if lucky, you would find a great album that you would listen to over and over. It was a pleasure to take time and listen to an album track by track. To learn the songs, their melody and their lyrics. I remember, I used to know the order and number of the songs in my favorite CDs. It was very exciting.

When the mp3 came out, everything changed. First it was Napster and the sharing music system that gave us access to an amazing amount of free music. I remember downloading every song I could think of. It was a great time for people’s music collection, until Napster got in trouble… and the rest is history. Anyway what I’m trying to get to is that, all this limitless access to music created two things: One: the concept of the album got lost. Since you download only some songs from a certain artist, the complete work of the artist doesn’t come through anymore. Today, it does’t matter which is the first or the second song of an album,or how it was edited and put together. The sequence of the songs and the work and thought put into it, is lost. Second: it helped developed something I like to call “musical anxiety”. Since it is so easy to get music, you can’t help but wanting more and more songs. Sometimes I would download music and never listen to it. The enjoyment of music and the way you listen to it, has changed forever. Everything is at a faster pace, always wanting to listen to the next song on your playlist.

These days, the access to music is even greater, you can download music anytime you want from Itunes or Amazon or some russian website or in my case you can get a subscription to Rhapsody and have all the music you want for a monthly fee. This my friends really exacerbated my musical anxiety. When you have access to everything you want, there is only one thing you can do; go back to the basics. I’ve tried to stop listening to playlists, to shuffle albums and just focus on one album at the time. This experience has been liberating in the sence that I’m getting to enjoy each artist on its own.

All of this to say that I’ve been enjoying a group called The Weepies. Their latest album released in 2010 is fantastic. As a matter of fact I’ve been listening to three of their albums, and they are all great. Their calm and mellow music goes perfect with this cold winter. The first song “World spins madly on” is from their second album Say I am You (2006). Like all short songs, you wish it never ends. The second song “Can’t go back now” is in the album Hideaway released in 2008



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