Not long ago, I discovered a great radio show. Alt. Latino is a show on NPR (National Public Radio) that broadcasts new alternative latin music. This is a fantastic show and I’m specially excited about it for two reasons: One, when you are far from your country, it is hard to keep informed about the latest artists and albums. And Two, I’ve arrived to the conclusion that when you listen to music in your native language, the songs are automatically closer to your heart. It is fantastic to find in the US a radio show about alternative latin music; a genre that is not popular among Anglo countries for obvious reasons. For the most part, the latin music broadcasted in the US is mostly tropical with emphasis in Bachata and Regeaton. Most people don’t know that Latin music is very diverse and offers an immense variety of genres and new rhythms that are constantly evolving. It bothers me sometimes that latin culture gets stereotyped into loud music and dramatic soap operas. Anyway, if you enjoy alternative latin music, you can listen to the podcast here: http://www.npr.org/series/alt-latino/.

Thanks to Alt. Latino I discovered my newest favorite album; Hechizo (2011). In this album, artist from Latin America, Spain and even England pay tribute to Heroes del Silencio and their lead singer Enrique Bunbury through an amazing selection of songs. Their intensity, passion and style added to the songs allows you to rediscover and find new meaning in songs you have listened to many times. Some of the artist that participated in this album are Andres Calamaro, Pereza, Aterciopelados, Ariel Rot, among others. My Favorite songs are El Boxeador by a singer from Spain called Bebe and Maldito Duende by Andres Calamaro – One of my favorite artist of all times!

While listening to Hechizo I got into an “Heroes del Silencio” state of mind. I found an album from their reunion tour of 2007 – 11 years after they split up. I forgot how much I liked their songs, listening to them was like walking through memory lane. La Chispa Adecuada and Opio will always be some of my favorite songs…



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