Musicians on Sesame Street

In 2009, I rediscovered one of my favorite TV shows; Sesame Street . This, off course, coincided with the birth of my daughter, and I must say that it was great to find some familiar faces among the new and unknown children’s shows that have populated the TV in recent years. Have you heard of the Wiggles? if not, you are safe, don’t even goggle them. Sesame Street or Plaza Sesamo has been on the air for more than 40 years, generations of kids have grown learning the alphabet, numbers and colors with the Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Count Von Count (my favorite), Ernie, Bert and many other muppets. Their legacy is enormous and I’m glad that Sesame Street is something my daughter and I will always have in common. Just watching the show brings happy memories from my childhood. I must say though, that the Sesame Street of today is putting too much emphasis on Elmo, (a character that didn’t exists in my younger years and who I find particularly annoying) leaving traditional and important characters such as Kermit the Frog and Grover reduced to special appearances – This makes me a little nostalgic.

Sesame Street 40th anniversary was in 2009, by then, it was the fifteenth-highest rated children’s television show in the US. Sesame Street is the most widely viewed children’s television show in the world, it counts with 20 international versions, and broadcasts in over 120 countries. A 1996 survey found that 95% of all American preschoolers had watched the show by the time they were three years old. In 2008, it was estimated that 77 million Americans had watched the series as children. As of 2009, Sesame Street has won eight Grammys and 118 Emmys—more than any other children’s show. 1

Only recently I noticed how influential Sesame Street has been to generations of kids around the world. Many famous actors, musicians and celebrities have been guest of the show, these include: Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Michelle Obama, Kobe Bryant among many others. I guess you are not a celebrity until you appear on Sesame Street. Anyway, I have been looking though videos and found pretty amazing performances. I specially enjoyed how great songs were adapted into educational and fun song for children.


Famous Tito Puente, El Rey del Timbal!

This is a bonus video, while searching for music for this post, I found a spoof titled “Law and Order; Special Letters Units” It is hilarious!


2 responses

  1. Meme

    Qué chévere tener un programa en común con tu hija! Es cierto, Plaza Sésamo fue el show con el que crecimos. Le ayudaba a mi mamá para que mi hermano le recibiera la sopa (yo nunca tuve esos problemas alimenticios, jaja)
    Lastima que desde hace años no volví a ver el show. Sólo algunos videos que publican mis amigas mamás en FB. Me encanta el de Jason Mraz, lo vi dede que Lulu lo publicó porque a su hijo le facinaba.
    Gracias Helen por recordarme de un gran show y saber que todavía es vigente en los niños.

    Besos para Ani y espero verlo nuevamente con ella!

    March 30, 2011 at 8:06 am

  2. sahnur

    This blog is one of your best. The Wiggles suck!

    March 30, 2011 at 8:17 am

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