I love the Shins, Can’t Stand Broken Bells

Yesterday I found out that the band Broken Bells released a new EP on March of this year. I almost have a heart attack! I thought Broken Bells was a one time project; a musical hiccup that I wouldn’t have to hear about ever again. It seems thought that Danger Mouse and James Mercer are very happy together making music I don’t like much (The word “hate” is a strong word, so I’m trying to be polite here). My problem with Broken Bells is that James Mercer is the lead vocalist and guitarist of The Shins, one of my favorite bands. Every minute James Mercer spends with Broken Bells is a minute we won’t spend with The Shins, and that to me is a terrible mistake. I hope this is not one of those cases of lead singers leaving their band, just like when Beyonce left Destiny’s Child, Sting left The Police and Justin Timberlake Left NSYNC. ( I really don’t care about NSYNC)

As I mentioned on a previous post, I discovered The Shins when I saw the movie “Garden State” in 2004, and since then I have been a fan of the band. Their three records Oh, Inverted World (2001), Chutes Too Narrow (2003) and Wincing the Night Away (2007) are amazing. I always listen to them when I feel stress and want to listen to inspiring music. That is why it worries me that Broken Bells are still out there releasing albums.

I most say that I have made an effort to like Broken Bells, several times I have tried to listen to their music. I tried to listen to their new EP Meyrin Fields, but I just can’t go passed the first 10 seconds of any of their songs. As soon as I listen to their “Innovative” and “particular” sound I start to breathe very fast and my brain starts to tell me to stop the music right away. I know that many people like their music, that is why they are high on music charts and were nominated a for a Grammy in 2010(Best Alternative Music Album). They might be great, but to me they will never be better than The Shins.

Since I’m a little nostalgic for The Shins, here is a little tribute to this fantastic band,



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