New York, Seinfeld and Us

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I decided that it was time for a family trip. Before having our daughter we used to take small trips to nearby cities; it was something we really liked to do. After the birth of our daughter this tradition had to be put on hold — for obvious reasons. The pressure of becoming a parent plus the eternal feeling of not knowing what you are doing, don’t leave space for leisure. However, after almost two years, we decided that it was time to become over our fears and embark on a weekend trip. That is how we decided to pack our bags and travel to our favorite city in the US: New York.

New York is an amazing city, there are no words to describe its beauty, energy and uniqueness. There is nothing like NY, it is a city with so many layers that has inspired architects, musicians, film makers, artist and every person that visits and resides in it. As an urban designer, when ever I go, I can’t stop myself from looking, observing and making mental notes of New York’s buildings, streets, plazas and parks. Every neighborhood, and every corner is unique. Every restaurant, bar and shop is special and I love the fact that New York is a place full of surprises. Every time we go, it’s a different experience, and this time, traveling with our baby, was not an exception.

Our plan for this trip was to walk around the city and find places that our daughter would enjoy. We decided to go Park-hopping! (You see, when you get older you have to replace the bars for the parks – that is just how it is). While we were there, we went to Rockefeller Plaza, Briant Park (my favorite park in the world), Madison Square, Union Square, Washington Park, The High Line, etc. We visited every mayor park in Manhattan and walked though almost every neighborhood. It was a great trip, one of those you will always remember, and the best part was that our daughter behaved great and enjoyed it as much as we did.

Before going on our trip, I was sure that while walking though New York, I would be compelled to write about music inspired in this amazing city, however, as my husband, and I started walking though the city, the only thing that kept coming to our minds were Seinfeld episodes. My husband and I are big Seinfeld fans, we have watch almost every episode and we just love it! In my opinion, there is nothing like Seinfeld, I haven’t run into a show that even gets close to deliver smart and funny dialogues like Seinfeld does.

In this trip, I realized that Seinfeld in not “a show about nothing”, to me it is a show about life, but mostly it is a show about life in New York. Many of the episodes are based on events or places in NY such as The New York Public Library, Central Park, The Yankees, Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, etc. To me, NY is another characters in the story (This is ironic, since most of the show was filmed in LA). Anyways, Today, I decided I won’t be posting music, today, I want to make a tribute to one of the best shows in TV history and share with you some clippers of episodes that came to our minds while walking through New York,


My favorite Seinfeld character is Elaine, these are my favorite scenes


2 responses

  1. William

    “RUSTY! RUUUSSTY!!!!!!!!!!”

    May 31, 2011 at 8:15 am

  2. Meme

    Excelente crónica Helen!!! Me alegro que sigan disfrutando los planes que hacían cuando eran sólo los dos y que Ani haga parte de esto. NY es mágica y creo que nunca nos cansaremos de querer ir una vez más.

    May 31, 2011 at 9:18 am

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