Kiss Quick

This week my family was victim of a nasty cold virus that we can’t seem to shake off.  The first victim was my daughter, but for some biological mystery, her symptoms were barely noticeable. (Thanks God).  The second victim was my husband, whose body seemed to have a hard time dealing with this virus, till today, he is not 100% recovered.  I though that I would be immune to this cold, but two days ago my throat started to hurt and from then on, everything went down hill.  Today I couldn’t take it anymore and it was impossible for me to get out of bed.  After a well deserved morning nap, I had no choice but to do what I always do when I’m sick at home.  I watch re-runs of “One Tree Hill’.   I have to say, I feel a little embarrassed admitting I like this show, but we all have our guilty pleasures, right?  “One Tree Hill”, is one of those soap operas full of drama, tears, and tragedy.  The story line is totally unbelievable, but to my defense, they feature pretty good music on their episodes.  I started to watch this show when I was on maternity leave because the re-runs coincided with my daughter nap time, since then I haven’t been able to stop watching it.  Thanks God, the show is almost over,  they will only do one more season.

Today I discovered a great song featured on their season 8 finale.  Kiss Quick by Matt Nathanson is in his latest album “Modern Love” released in June of 2011.  I already downloaded the whole album and it is pretty great.


These are other songs from Matt,


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