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A Halloween Story

Since I was an innocent flower; I have always enjoyed Halloween.  I guess this love for Halloween I inherited from my mother who until this day,  wears costumes at the yearly Halloween  party with her cousins.  I still have present in my mind all the excitement of that day, the crazy costumes, the make up  and the sugar overdose we used to have at the end of the day.   Later on, Halloween became even more fun.  Every year, I would look forward for the Halloween party, me and my friends would make cool costumes and we would party all night long!  It was awesome.

When I moved to the States, I tried to carry on with that tradition; every year I would go to a Halloween party until october 31st of 2004.  That day, was the day my Halloween history was split  in two.  That day, I should have known better, I saw it coming but I didn’t do anything about it and the reason I’m writing this story is to finally get some Halloween closure and move on with my life….. This is what happened:

My then boyfriend and now husband, invited me to a Halloween party.  He told me his friend was  hosting a party and that we should find some costumes to go to the party.  I have to  say that the concept of  “party” changes from country to country.  In Colombia if you say come to my party, at least you know that there are some key elements that will be present such as; music, dancing and alcohol.  In America it is different, the word party implies, beer,  T.V.  and sometimes music (I’m not judging).  Anyway, at that time, I was too naive to notice the difference and too excited with the Halloween party that I didn’t ask my husband any further questions about the party.  I just took my colombian concept of  party – music, dancing and alcohol – and made a Halloween costume for myself.  I had just bought a kimono shirt and I thought that dressing up as a geisha would be very cool.  I went very realistic on the costume, I painted my face white, my lips red, put lots of eyeliner and of course I put some chop sticks on my head.  My husband bought an afro wig and we headed to the Halloween party.  The night was young, and it was ours!

When we got there, it turns out that his friend was almost 50 years old and the only ones with costumes were some kids, my husband – who took his wig out right away  – and me, the geisha.   I want to make a pause to say that my husband should have shared with me at least two pieces of information before leaving the house.  One; that his friend was way older than us and had kids, (that changes everything)  and two; that it was a Halloween party FOR KIDS, just knowing those two things would have changed the night’s events.

Anyway, back to the story, I didn’t know anyone in there, plus everyone was either 10 years older or 10 years younger than me. I panicked and decided to go to the bathroom to wash my face but the white paint didn’t come out.  After thinking about it, I decided to leave the paint on,  I though it would be worse  if I looked too desperate and uncomfortable, so I tried to keep my cool.  There are a few things a remember from that night, I remember sitting on a big sofa, in front of a huge mirror that was on the wall, looking at myself  – on a costume – and the rest of the guests – with no costumes –  and thinking of how ridiculous I looked.  Maybe if the mirror wasn’t there I probably would have forgotten that I looked like an idiot, but seeing my reflection on that mirror made me feel terrible.  My husband noticed that I was uncomfortable and decided  put his wig back on.  Now, there were two idiots on the mirror… I guessed he was trying to make me feel better, but I just wanted to kill him.  The whole thing was a disaster, it was a public humiliation.

That was the last time I wore a costume, since then Halloween became just another day for me until this year that I got the chance to dress up my daughter as a cow.  She was so cute and we did so many fun things that I finally enjoyed Halloween one more time.

The End

The song:

I really don’t have any song that goes with this story. Is there a song called Halloween Disaster?  I was trying to think of a Halloween songs and besides from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, I couldn’t think of any other song.  I do think that if there is an artist that deserves to be honored in Halloween, that artist is Lady Gaga.  Not because of her songs, but because of the way she dresses; she basically wears costumes every day of the year.  For her, Halloween is  an everyday thing. I guess is as mundane as waking up in the morning and deciding between the black or the gray pants.  In her case, she probably wakes up in the morning and has to choose between the meat dress, the super hero outfit or the lobster hat.  The truth is that if I was a pop star I would dress the same way, why not?  I would love to dress up as a super hero at work, It would give me more confidence.  Anyway, I like her style and I love her outrageous outfits.